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MIMA (Mining Information for Management and Acquisition) ENGINE Project: Structuring Knowledge Utilizing Ontology
-Design and Implementation of the Next Generation Knowledge Management System-

The aims of this project are to achieve structuring knowledge and develop an integrated system to aid knowledge exploitation in the domains of science and technology. This system integrates natural language processing including ontology development, information retrieval, visualization, and database technology.
The structuring knowledge that we define indicates the following:
1) knowledge storage
2) (hierarchical) classification of knowledge
3) shallow/deep analysis of knowledge
4) visualization of knowledge
We aim at integrating different types of databases (papers and patents, technologies and innovations) and knowledge domains, and simultaneously retrieving different types of knowledge.
Our structuring knowledge system includes the following:
A) automatic term recognition
B) automatic term clustering
C) automatic knowledge clustering
D) automatic knowledge categorization
E) automatic knowledge map visualization
F) automatic summarization of knowledge
The main objective of the system is to facilitate knowledge acquisition from documents and generate ideas through a terminology-based dynamic similarity calculation and a just-in-time visualization of an automatically structured knowledge map.
Possible applications for the technologies are as follows:
a) detecting excesses and gaps of knowledge/information
b) automatic generation of patent map/technology roadmap
c) visualization of persons-of-talent network
I am currently working on the task of designing a method for automatic technology roadmap generation using the structuring knowledge technology.

- Biography -

Hideki Mima, Ph.D., has worked in the fields dealing with Natural Language Interface, Machine Translation, Information Retrieval, and Automatic Term Recognition. He was a researcher at the ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Research Laboratories, a lecturer at the Department of Computing and Mathematics, Manchester Metropolitan University, and a research associate at the Department of Information Science, the School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan. He is currently an associate professor, at the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education, University of Tokyo and is working on Knowledge Acquisition and Structuring Knowledge from various databases and documents in the genome and nano-technology domains. He was certified as a genius programmer / super creator in IPA FY2003 Exploratory Software Project.

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